Fayabash is a Lausanne based company specialized in hospitality, event & cultural management.

Since2004,ourfocusandobjectivehasbento developsynergiesbetwendi􏰀erenttraderoles,skils, experiencesandnetworksrelatedwithentertainment, cultureandmostparticularlywiththemusicindustry andtheHoReCa.

Our core activities include the organisation of mass events like Electrosanne and the management of various venues like La Brasserie du Château & Bondi Empanaderia.

Our experience also covers consulting and production services for global brands such as Red Bull via their Red Bull Music Academy platform and the co-curation of Impact Hub Lausanne's social innovation space & community.

Bautista & Jeremy
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Fayabash Entertainement Sàrl
Place du Tunnel 1, 1005 Lausanne, Suisse
+41 (0)21 312 60 11 [email protected]

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